Cummins Label, Inc.

At Cummins Label, we’ve been printing eye catching custom printed labels for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve embraced new printing technologies to make sure our clients have the best custom label at the best price possible. Sometimes that means changing technologies, but not always. How do you, as the customer, know which of our printing techniques you should choose? Digital or flexo printing? Foil stamping or embossing, or both? Well, it all goes back to your design, your timeframe, and your budget.

When you work with us, we’ll help you balance all the variables to your custom label design. Depending on your order size, and the complexity of colors in your design, we’ll recommend the best printing process. That may mean using one of our 10 color flexo printing presses – it’s great for color matching, and printing on a wide range of surfaces. If you need to reproduce photographs, you may want to use digital printing. Digital is also handy when you need us to turn a job around quickly.

While digital printing is a newer technique, foil stamping and embossing go back centuries. Frequently foils are metallic colors; gold, silver, and bronze being the most common, but we also offer solids as well. They come in glossy and matte finishes, or even optical effects like marbling. Foil stamping has long been seen as a beautiful, elegant accent to the printing process. And we can take it a step further by adding the texture of embossing.

We will help you work through your design to make sure your custom label is as well produced as the product you are creating it for. Our portfolio is broad, we’ve worked with wine, beer, food, spirits, and personal care products, as well as labeling medical devices, petrochemicals and more. Contact us to explore how these different processes can create effective labels for you.