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If you enter “custom beverage labels” into a Google search, dozens of “print from home” label websites bombard your search results. That seems easy enough, right?

All you need to do is have the design, and then you can print your beverage label from home using these programs.

Everything is going fine, until you realize you only have five hours of time to design your entire label and that you have to print all of them to scale. And then your printer jams.

We’ve outlined the common problems that business face when they try to print homemade labels. If you were considering this option, assess whether you are equipped to handle these almost-inevitable bumps in the road.

1. Ink and Toner Smearing

Perhaps the most common issue when it comes to do-it-yourself printing involves smeared ink and toner.

This makes sense when you think about the technology of an inkjet printer (what most households and small businesses use).

Inkjet printers essentially drop ink onto your paper. They’re usually pretty good at dropping ink, but that’s still the general premise. This means that during mass production, the ink is more likely to stay wet and eventually smear. It is even more likely to do this when you’re using special label paper, as opposed to the typical printer paper to which your device is accustomed.

For laser printers, which are generally more expensive, the issue involves toner. Laser printers create static electricity in your desired pattern. Then, they deploy toner to fuse the static electricity and heat which creates the actual print.

When your toner doesn’t bond correctly, it’s clear to see how problems can arise. Your finished product looks smeared and amateur at best.

2. Problems Printing to Scale

Even the more expensive laserjet printers run into the problem of printing to scale. Unless you print custom beverage labels every single day, your printer’s settings are not adjusted for your custom labels.

It’s like asking a marathon runner to all of a sudden compete in the 40-yard dash.

With different template specifications, our printers have trouble adjusting quickly and effectively. You often have to troubleshoot the design, wasting valuable ink, toner, and labels. You waste time tweaking the printer settings and eventually settle for a subpar product.

3. Paper Jams

Paper jams are an age-old problem in the printing universe. After all, when’s the last time you printed around 500 of the same document without a snafu?

The problem is even more exaggerated with custom label paper. Your printer isn’t used to this thicker material, and it’s much more likely to jam as a result.

Your printer rolls could also be dusty or outdated, which can clog the entire device.

Custom Label Printing Solutions

Running into even one of these issues could cost you and your business the money you thought you’d save by printing beverage labels from home.

To avoid this headache and to save your business time and money, a viable solution is to hire a beverage label printing company.

When you work with a professional custom printing company, they handle the design, scaling, and printing of your label. You aren’t rushed to come up with a shoddy design in a few hours; instead, you work with a team of experts to envision a design and make it a printed reality.

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