Cummins Label, Inc.

Branding is crucial to a small business’ success and is often not given enough thought during the development phase of a product and beyond. Branding and marketing are based in research. It’s important to allot time and adequate resources to this research in order to come up with an effective marketing and branding strategy. Branding reaches out to your customers, works to identify your company and product, and sets your company and product apart from competitor products.

So, what is a brand, anyway?

A brand is a logo, symbol, design, or even messaging that a customer recognizes you by. Oftentimes it’s not just one thing. It’s many things working together or even separately that communicate who you are to your consumers. Over time, with a quality product, value, and service, a brand becomes credible and trusted.

When you’re doing your research and coming up with branding ideas there are three basic things that you need to identify: What is your company’s purpose, mission, and vision? What are the target demographics of your consumers? Who are your competitors and what are they doing with their branding?

At Cummins Label, we have been creating and printing custom labels for almost 35 years. In that time, we have learned a lot about branding and what works and what doesn’t. Not only are our clients’ needs met by our high-quality products, but also our specialized prompt, friendly service. Whether you’re a large, Fortune 500 company that already has your branding in place, or you’re a small start-up brewery or cheesemaker who needs help coming up with branding ideas, we’re ready to get to work. Please do not hesitate to contact us today over the phone or via our contact form online with any questions you may have.