Cummins Label, Inc.

With so many items displayed on the shelves of not only grocers but also hardware stores, home-and-garden centers and pet food retailers to name just a few, makers of consumer products know the importance of custom sticker labels for retail.

Retail and business labels must stand out among competitors, deliver important product information and convey an impression of quality and value to shoppers.

For attractive and affordable custom sticker labels for retail, look to Cummins Label. With 10-color flexographic printing as well as digital printing and screen printing for our custom retail labels, we have a self-adhesive label solution for whatever your container specifications and packaging budget.

Manufacturers of retail products should look to Cummins Label for custom sticker labels for:

  • Auto parts labels
  • Carpet & floor product labels
  • Hardware labels
  • Home & garden product labels
  • Household cleaner labels
  • Lawn care product labels
  • Paint & finishes labels
  • Petcare & pet food labels
  • Spray product labels
  • And more

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