Cummins Label, Inc.

Place Your Trust In A Label Printing Industry Leader

For nearly 50 years, Cummins Label has expanded our services, manufacturing facilities, technologies and product o­fferings to meet the needs of an ever-growing list of clients.

Today, we serve Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups alike with quick response times,

premium materials, strong supplier relationships and attentive, well-trained employees.

We’re proud to say our focus on quality and service has built a reputation that’s second to none among label printers in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

Rely on Cummins Label for capabilities including:

  • Digital printing. Designed for short runs and multiple SKUs, our digital printing provides superior label quality and allows for ready edits or updates “on the fly.”
  • Custom designs. Well experienced and highly talented, our Art Department creates attractive and distinctive custom labels for your unique products.
  • UL certified. Labels for UL-approved products must adhere to the Conditions of Acceptability outlined in UL 969. We can help you meet this standard.

The benefits of custom labels

Creating a custom label for your product might seem like a miscellaneous expense. Shouldn’t you put more time and resources into the quality, production, and marketing of your product first?

While these aspects are all important, having a high-quality label is key to the success of your product.

Why? Consider that customers rely on labels more than anything else to inform themselves about your item, reach for it instead of a competitor and to ultimately make a purchase.

When you invest in custom labels, you can:

1. Establish a point of contact with shoppers

Think of your custom label as an “on-the-shelf website” for your product. It provides consumers with information about its ingredients, taste profile and anything else you want to convey. You can’t magically appear next to each shopper and whisper a sales pitch in their ears — but your label can!

2. Promote a recognizable online presence

A custom label can not only help you compete for valuable in-store shelf space, but it also helps you to promote your brand online. Customers browse through products on websites at a mile a minute, so it really pays to have a product label that will stand out as an icon. You can sell your product both online and in-store with an eye-catching label.

3. Communicate a message of quality

If you compromise on the design of your custom label, shoppers will assume you’ve also compromised on the quality of your product. Customers see dulled colors, distracting film-and-dye lines and uneven spacing as low quality. Luckily, the inverse is also true. When consumers see a vibrant, high-quality label design, they will assume your product also adheres to high standards.