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If you haven’t tried the particular wine before and you’re no aficionado who can look at the ingredients and know what it’s going to taste like, really the only thing you have to go off of is the color and texture of the wine, the bottle, and the wine bottle label. Almost everyone we asked said that they take the label into consideration when choosing a wine for themselves and especially when they’re choosing a wine as a gift. The appeal of the wine can change based on the styling, imagery, colors, font, and even the wine bottle label material. As we have mentioned before in our blog in regards to craft beer, your wine should have distinct branding that represents your wine perfectly to your customers and potential customers.

There are many different variations of labels you can use for your wine, but typically there are a number of things you should be sure of when designing and deciding on the custom label you will use. There are so many wines out there, you need to be sure that yours will stand out to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Quality – The quality of the bottle and label are very important.

Texture – Again, depending on your audience, texture can play a big role. A sophisticated dinner may be a great place for a wine bottle label that is smooth and matte and sleek while a more laid back gathering might benefit from a bottle with a fun, more laid back type of label.

Graphics – The images you use should tell a story and be representative of your brand. Whether you choose to use a high-quality image or a well-designed drawing, you should always make sure that the message and brand you’re trying to convey is clear.

At Cummins Label, we have been providing wine bottle labels and other custom bottle labels since 1972. If you are a vintner who has been looking to create eye-catching quality labels for your wine, do not hesitate to contact us today!