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It’s important to consider the shape of your product’s container when you’re designing your label – not just for the artwork and text, but also because certain label materials work well or don’t work well with certain types of containers. If you have created a product, you probably know that there is practically an infinite number of containers to choose from. Considering what type of label you would like to use may help you in deciding what size and shape bottle or container you will pick for your product.

If you’re choosing a standard bottle design that has straight sides you have more of a range of options for what custom labels you can use because there isn’t a big risk that they will look distorted once put on the bottle. If the bottle you use tapers towards the neck, cutting a custom label is necessary and can prevent a design challenge if you were not aware of the complications the taper could cause when designing the label.

If you’re creating your own design to be printed on a custom label, you should first show your bottle or container to your label printing company so they can work with you to determine what label design and shape will work well with your chosen container or bottle. The most popular label shape is the rectangle followed by squares, circles, ovals, and custom label designs which are often used on liquor or wine bottles to give them a bit more flare.

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