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Think of some of the most iconic beverages in the world.

Coca-Cola. Starbucks Coffee. Pabst Blue Ribbon.

As a custom label company, we can’t help but wonder what factor is more important: the beverage or the icon?

When you thought about these drinks, we’re willing to bet that their logos came into your mental picture almost as soon as you read the words. Maybe after that, you started to think about the taste of each beverage.

The point is that these brands each made excellent use of a label to grow their brands into multi-billion dollar companies.

If you are a home brewer, own a small-scale vineyard or brewery, or have any beverage business that you want to expand, having an eye-catching logo is arguably as important as having a good product.

Having unique, appropriate, and professional beverage labels are imperative to the success of your company. Here’s why.

1. Labels Express the Spirit of Your Product

Labels are the first point of contact a customer has with your brand. Unless they have downloaded beverage rating apps that feature your product or found it via word-of-mouth, they probably know nothing about it — except for what it looks like.

When you take the time to design and print custom beverage labels, you tell a story to your consumer.

Say you have a beer that’s characteristic for its grapefruit undertones; it’s the perfect refreshment for porch-drinking and daytime shenanigans.

How is your customer going to know that unless you impress them with a bright, summer-oriented label? If your label doesn’t stand out, neither will your product.

In addition to introducing your product, you also have a chance to raise brand awareness with your logos. Each of your beverage labels can feature a standard logo, or you can customize the logo to better fit the specific product.

2. Customers Actually Read Labels

With the rise of sustainability and consumer awareness initiatives, more and more people are actually reading product labels in stores.

This is a really good trend — assuming you have a good beverage label.

Because consumers have a desire to learn more about your product, including its ingredients, flavor, and history, they spend more time on your label.

When a label looks unprofessional or does not convey the information for which consumers are looking, customers are immediately turned-off.

3. A Good Label Pops Out Online

In the age of online shopping, consumers are spending more time online both buying and researching products. When you have a good label, it can easily become a thumbnail image that drives traffic to your product on your website, social media platforms, or on other websites.

If your product happens to be featured in an online magazine article, for instance, it will usually be featured alongside other beverages that fall into the same category (“Best Value Beers,” for instance). Readers focus on the products that have better labels as they compare products — it’s as simple as that.

Finding Professional Beverage Labels

At Cummins Label Inc., we specialize in custom label design for beverage clients. Our team will work with you from the beginning to design your logo (if you don’t have one in mind already) and print it with our industrial, professional printing capabilities.

Build your brand today with the help of Cummins Label Inc.