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If you want to increase sales for your product, producing an eye-catching, high-quality label is a crucial step.

It can be tempting to cut corners (literally, if you want a rounded design) when it comes to product labels, but a good label makes a world of a difference. Investing in a high-quality label can be, well, an investment — but, being strategic about ordering in bulk can save you time, resources, and headaches down the road.

Consider these tips for ordering labels in bulk from our label printing service.

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1. Be Proactive About Your Release Date

Do you brew a delicious cinnamon spice winter lager for Christmas? Do you bottle a light and refreshing rosé for a Memorial Day Weekend release? Or, do you have a new batch of goat cheese that’ll perfectly complement fall flavors?

If you have a product with a specific release date in mind, you want to start the label production process at least four months in advance. Especially if you’re creating your first label or releasing your first product, you’ll want to give the label production process more time. This way, you can talk to a design team, establish a brand identity, and ensure that your label design meets your exact specifications.

At Cummins Label, Inc., we work with clients at all stages of the label printing process. If you a design, our art department can help you out. If you have a concept in mind and just want the high-tech printing, we can also assist you there as well.

2. Work With An Established Label Printing Service

When you order a label in bulk, you can’t afford for there to be mistakes. Not only is it a tremendous waste of time and resources, but it could also delay your product release.

For such an important investment, you should only work with experienced label printing services. Make sure the company you choose to work with has an established project gallery, examples of work, and has worked with companies of your size. It’s an added benefit if the label printing service has experience with Fortune 500 companies. This means that the printing company is an expert in the game.

3. Make A Good Label From The Beginning

This point is similar to the last, but it’s worth stressing that ordering labels in bulk means you need to have a design you love. You’ll see the label on all of your products. The more confidence you have in your label, the more confidence you’ll have in selling your product.

If design isn’t your forte, work with the art department and let design experts take over. Don’t be afraid to give feedback if you don’t love the mock-up of a design. At the end of the day, it’s your product and your label. Trust your gut and your vision.

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